WE Institute proudly utilise vaaLg products, a unique and premium range of energetic support tools:

vaaLg items are designed to enhance therapists' work with energetic tools to magnify treatments on the mind, the emotions and the energies of the body... Tools that work deeply, getting 'inside the onion' to integrate and augment therapeutic work - during and between sessions.

vaaLg blends encompass organic and wild-crafted botanicals, vibrationals and minerals in intuitively guided symphonies.  These components are meticulously curated from artisans and master distillers, selected over years for their depth of attention to, and respect for, the alchemical processes they undertake.

vaaLg was founded by friends Bruce and Suzannah, drawing inspiration from the great healers, artisanal processes and pure intuition.  Multi-dimensional, deeply engaging fusions supporting change and inner alignment, giving strength and grace to the process of personal growth.

 'It is our deep wish, that all those who experience vaaLg are supported, encouraged and lifted on their journey of life, self-development and exploration of the Cosmos within.'

vaaLg items are created with time-honoured artisanal methods carried out in Australia using 100% natural and therapeutic grade ingredients. 

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