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Join Mark D. Lakowske on his International Teaching Tour Sequel!  Mark is based out of Wisconsin and is the founder/director of Healing Artistry Therapies. He is a national & international motivational mindset expert, trainer, transformational therapeutic coach, spiritual intuitive & medium, master hypnotist & “Hypnosis Cool Kid”! 

THE AWARENESS & RESOLUTION PROCESSThe All-Purpose Elicitation Strategy: Learn how to use this down-to-Earth, practical approach that works outstandingly with anyone, but especially the analytical client. Using an N.L.P. based assessment method and lite trance you will help your client effectively break-down problems into four easy to understand areas, while gaining perspective, awareness & resources for resolution.

HYPNOTIC HO’OPONOPONO Based on the ancient practice of atonement, forgiveness, gratitude & love, This beautiful technique is used to enhance &/or release any attachment to unwanted habits, beliefs, behaviors or people at the subconscious & interpersonal level. It will allow your client (or yourself) to disconnect from how they have represented a person/thing/situation which no longer serves them & their life. Hypnotic Ho’Oponopono is a “must have” tool for any practitioner!

SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS The Spiritual Rescue & Release Process: In life sometimes “entities & energies” can attach to people. Often they come in thru emotions tied to old wounds & pain. When this happens it can cause “symptoms”, such as, unexplained fatigue, memory disturbance, uncharacteristic changes in personality or behaviour, sudden changes in mood, unexplained depression, addictions of all sorts, relationship problems, unexplained somatic symptoms, unexplained bodily pain and other physical symptoms. Hypnosis is a gentle and compassionate way to allow both client & spirit to give themselves over to their respective “higher selves”; which will allow the “entity” to find their way into the light & lead your client to find more relief & peace.

HYPNOTIC SPIRITUAL CONNECTION   When loved ones (including pets) pass away, sometimes we don’t get the chance to say “goodbye”. Maybe there are things that were left unsaid (by either party) that need to be. Using hypnosis we are able to help our clients tap into their natural intuition and lift the veil so communication & healing can take place. This technique can also be adapted for inner-child work as well.

THE BIZ OF DOING HYPNOSIS BETTERProfessional Procedures for the Passionate Practitioner: Over the years I’ve had to learn and develop many of my own processes, procedures, forms, scripts & templates that help me run my practice successfully. Learn how I pre-screen leads even before I have ever talked with them, how I add credibility and “hook” leads with “Sticky Notes”, how I conduct a Discovery Session, what I include in a Client Agreement, my simple way of tracking & charting sessions, what to include in a Doctor referral letter or what to include in a client termination letter.

SUCCESSFUL INDUCTIONS & DEEPERNERS Learn a variety of progressive, rapid & instant inductions along with a wide range of deepeners that work! Let’s face it, not all clients respond to all inductions or deepeners…it’s important to have a multitude of tools that you can feel confident about that are at the ready to use with your clients.


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Mark D. Lakowske – Certified Therapeutic Coach®, Certified Master Hypnotherapist®, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Master Practitioner of HNLP

His clinical work focuses on helping people break free from the symptoms of anxiety, depression and fear fast! He is an instructor who trains healers & practitioners in “The Awareness & Resolution Process” (which utilizes The All-Purpose Elicitation Strategy & Hypnotic Ho’Oponopono) as well as spiritual hypnosis & business processes. When Mark isn’t doing all of that he can be found at various historical events with his comedy hypnosis show – Master Ticktock’s T.Y.M.E. Machine!

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