MENTAL HEALTH – vital information we all need to hear


June 12


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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Wellness Empowerment and Training Institute

Suite 2 139 Alexander Street Devonshire House, CROWS NEST, NSW 2065


MENTAL HEALTH – Conversations we all need to have

50% of us will experience a mental illness throughout our lives, the most common being depression and anxiety.

The world health organisation says that by 2030 mental illness will be the plague of the future and today, suicide is already the biggest killer of young Australians.


We CAN learn to recognise what the early warning signs of depression are,

We CAN learn what the symptoms of depression are (as opposed to normal sadness),

We CAN find help and support that is not only relying on medication,

We CAN use simple tools to develop resilience to depression and not become a statistic,

We CAN recognise that mental fitness is as valuable as physical fitness,

We CAN help a friend or family member rather than not knowing what to do!

You might think this seminar is not for you… WAIT, this IS for you.


If you are suffering, it will help you with tools to get better,

If you are healthy, it will help you with tools to stay well when times get tougher,

If you are a parent of young children or thinking of having children, it will teach you how prevention can (and need to) start at the earliest of age in the family home.

If not you, one of your close friends or family member needs your help because 1 in 5 Australians this year will be affected.

3 years ago, husband and wife Scott and Florence Harrod sold everything they owned to found and fund the Sam Project and have been travelling throughout Australia ever since to run these education sessions which are based on the latest research from the Black Dog Institute. Sessions are informative, provocative and engaging and will allow plenty of time for Q&A.

Come and help us change the future please, one person at a time

Proceeds from this event go to causes supporting this mission.  Light refreshments are included.

About Florence and Scott:


Whilst Scott is an entrepreneur and business developer, creating several successful businesses from fruition, it was his experience as a single father that shed light on what was really important in his life and a deeper understanding of himself.


In order to be more present for his daughters and for them all to be connected to people that led a life with the values of caring, understanding and respect for others, he made the conscious decision to forgo his business career and become a large scale farmer on the Liverpool Plains of New South Wales.


Whilst others may see him as a leader, he sees himself as simply a member of the team, where the success of the team can only be achieved by helping all members of the team be the best that they can be. It’s those beliefs that Scott has brought to parenting, business and sport and he now brings to the Sam Project; helping others be the best that they can be.


As the International Human Resources Manager of a Global company, Florence who was born in France had the amazing experience of travelling worldwide. Her company finally sent her to Sydney where she began to recognise that her constant push in her professional life was literally making her ill.  It was yoga that helped her see the value of slowing down, living in the present and taking the time to reflect on her own needs.


Willing to escape the corporate world, Florence finally changed direction and set up her own coaching and consulting business which she ran for 7 years while becoming a yoga instructor in parallel and teaching at local studios in her community. 


The Sam Project is a natural transition for Florence to create awareness with mental health based on personal experience and to bring her professional expertise, yoga, education and love of community together.













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