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Red Earth Natural Healing Centre

3/43 Macquarie Street, DUBBO, NSW 2830

DUBBO, NSW, AU, 2830

Add depth to your kinesiology sessions by transforming emotional stress of agonizing problems and challenges into the laughter of new insight, attitudes and possibilities.

This workshop is based on John & Matthew Thie’s complete protocol and instructions for relating these traditional metaphors to our life experience and our imbalances. Help yourself or your client use their creative exploration of these metaphors to contribute to understand and fulfilling your own purposes and appreciating the meanings of symptoms.

With Touch for Health we balance the energy of our internal healing or life creating system which can reduce susceptibility to injury or illness, relieve discomfort and shorten recovery time. By integrating the Chinese 5 Element Metaphors it gives you resource for an in-depth exploration of the MEANING(S) of your LIFE, your hopes, dreams, desires, tasks, duties, meanings and messages of your symptoms – pains, fear inhibitions, stiffness, rigidity, tension.

The Five Element Metaphors, the Organ Function metaphors and metaphors derived from the test motions/muscle functions offer a rich resource for exploring the meanings of our experiences, our feelings, our imbalances and our goals. Using the metaphors helps us to verbalize or at least think about the many possible aspects of our goals and the related balances.

When we think about a metaphor related to in imbalance indicated by a muscle test, we often have that “Aha” moment of insight. This may be a highly transcendent, miraculous moment of enlightenment, or it may also be a step by step process of development through small, everyday insights as we deal with our problems, our life’s work and seek our Telos, our life purpose.

The mental exercise of contemplating the metaphors increases parallel processing in diverse areas of the brain and the whole Soul, bringing more of our innate resources to bear in balancing our energies for our unique purposes. Thinking or talking about the metaphor often balances the energy in all the meridians indicated by muscles testing as well as providing all kinds of insights and new perspectives for our life experience.

Understand the metaphorical approach and the 111 Metaphors from the following categories and how to utilize them in your Kinesiology / Touch for Health sessions:

– 5 Elements & meridians

  • Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Wood

  • Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Circulation/Sex, Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder, Liver, Lung, Large Intestine

– Organ function metaphors

– Muscle metaphors

– Other 5 element category metaphors – Seasons, Climates, Odors, Tastes, Emotions, Sounds, Fortifies, Personal Power, Faith/Worldview


 Pre-requisite: Touch for Health Synthesis 

Want to find out about pre-requisite training in Touch for Health? Click on our events page: WEEVENTS


This workshop is also a component in the international TOUCH FOR HEALTH CONSULTANT qualification.  All live workshops and online modules can be complete with WE Institute.  Please get in touch for a more details of this pathway.

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