Founded by friends Bruce and Kali, WE Institute (WE) began as a vision of a place specialising in supporting people find their groove using tools from natural therapies - all kinds!

WE is a Wellness, Personal Coaching and Training Centre with focus on personal development and you LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE.  The approach is collaborative, empowering and progressive.  Modalities include - Naturopathy, Aromatic Medicine, Kinesiology, Coaching & Hypnotherapy.

WE is a vibrant community of professionals, supporting and fostering all modalities that have the potential to improve quality of life.

We love to hear from like-minded professionals, or people interested in self-development.  So, please, drop us a line! (hello@weinstitute.com.au).

Kali’s focus is on facilitating access to your innate intelligence, life force and the power of the mind for you to live your extraordinary life.
Kali draws on techniques and tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Kinesiology, Positive Psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnosis and Coaching.  She works with individuals, as well as groups for personal and professional development and training.

Bruce has an innate passion for good health and vitality, particularly associated with energy work and the power of essential oils.
Bruce’s working background was in professional services and he now practices as a Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, Master Practitioner of NLP and Aromatherapist.

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